Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

I had to do an activity for school and look for a song that described a verse of a poem which talks about someone watching another person die because of a gas bomb. I couldn’t find an appropiate song but I found the story behind this symphony rahter interesting.

Henryk Górecki heard something about an inscription written onto a wall of a Gestapo prison during World War Two. The sentence was written by a 18-year-old Jewish girl named Helena Wanda Błażusiakówna, imprisoned on the 25th of September of 1944 and destined to die by cremation.

It read O Mamo nie płacz nie—Niebios Przeczysta Królowo Ty zawsze wspieraj mnie (Oh Mamma do not cry—Immaculate Queen of Heaven support me always).

Any piece of music that sounds as this one would make me feel sad, but it makes me feel even worse to think of a girl writing those words onto a wall when she knows there is no hope for her and she is going to die for who she is. Stories related to World War Two always sadden me, even if I find them interesting. I can’t ignore what happened, of course, but I try not to think a lot about stories like this one.

I’ll put the video below this and incase you want to know more about this piece of music here is its wikipedia page.


p.s.: I actually haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing because it is more than 50 minutes long, but I eventually will.


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