Today this post is not going to be a review or some shameless self-promotion of my videos on YouTube. It is actually just a small entry to let you beautiful non-existent readers know about a little ‘project’ that has recently been quite popular around the Internet World. It is, as you have probably guessed, the Memory Jar!

This sort of ‘project’ is really simple and easy. The “instructions” of how to ‘play’ this ‘project’ are usually these:

“Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.”

I actually don’t do it that way, and I basically just wanted to tell you how I do it. Right know I don’t Ā dispose of a jar (plus, a jar would look really weird and/or creepy in my room) so I use a little envelope instead. Maybe in the future I will have to switch to a bigger enevelope but, for now, I’m okay. I also don’t put notes about “good things that happen”. I just put messages to myself about whatever I want that may cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

I also try to be organized (for some things only, you should really see some of my desk’s drawers… absolute chaos) and so I write the date on the notes, I simply think it’s better and, who knows, if I keep these the date may even make me remember that day/moment.

The good thing about this is that it is something you’re doing for yourself, there’s no one there to tell you to write notes. You don’t have to write one everyday and at the same time you can write as many as you want in just one day. It doesn’t matter where you write them, whether it’s a piece of paper or a grocery store receipt. You also don’t have to start at the beginning of the year (I have personally started just yesterday) and you can read through your notes whenever you want. Don’t like writing? Then take pictures and put them in there! Just be creative.

If there’s one thing Tumblr has taught me is that there are loads of creative, well-organised people everywhere… and I’m not one of them. I constantly see pictures of lyrics perfectly written and decorated or beautiful paintings and drawings and feel frustrated. Not to mention envious. However, with time I have come to realise and admit that I don’t have to be perfect. With ‘perfect’ I don’t mean looks or personality (well, that too) but meaning that what I do doesn’t have to look flawless. It’s okay to be messy. And so, I usually just take a small piece of paper and carelessly write notes to put on the envelope. Nobody’s going to read them anyway.

My last…point? is that not only do I do this to remember good things that have happened to me but also cheer me up. Everyone feels down sometimes, bliss isn’t forever. From time to time we need someone to tell us we look pretty or we are funny and who better to let us know than ourselves? Finding self-hatred is easy, our minds are fragile. So, we have to try and reming us sometimes that we should love ourselves.


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